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Welcome to my website! I would like to invite you to guided tours in the Southern Bohemia.

About me

I was born in Zlatá Koruna in the Southern Bohemia. I have been working as city guide since 2003. I have been performing these tours because of my foreign language studies, because I´m interested in history and because I admire the work carried out by our ancestors.

In 2002 I finished the Bachelor´s studies at University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice –  „German and Russian for economy“. After this study I finished the course for tourist guides in České Budějovice and I started to offer city guided tours in my leisure time. I consider this work as my hobby as well.

I like all my produts. Every product has a story, which brought me to create them. I wrote all these stories, they represent an important element which gave birth to my products. All products from my workshop will be delivered with these stories. You will know, who made the product, in addition, you will know, why it was produced. Do you think, it´s not important in today´s world? If you answer this  question with „Yes“, then you don´t buy my product probably, so you don´t need to read more. But I hope, there is a lot of people, who will be pleased with such an „added value“ of these souvenirs. That is the reason, why there are my „Gifts with stories…“

My atelier

Since 2010 I have been engaged in my hobby in sewing. I sew bags, children´s baskets, home decoration… everything what can make somebody happy. My products should be characterized by my own brand „Made by Mary“, which I created for my first products many years ago.

I love details, sophistication, thoroughness and I hope, you will see it on my products.

Here you can get to know my work for children and adults:

Guided tour of Český Krumlov (walking tour)

Everybody may be captivated by the Old Town sightseeing. Somebody will be excited by the crooked narrow streets full of history. Somebody will feel the mysterious atmosphere or surprised to find many opportunities to take photographs. Another one will be charmed by the beautiful surrounding nature… Everybody will find his „own“ Krumlov, which attracts  for another visit. You can spend many hours and days with the Krumlov city tour…

I will take you to approx. 90 minutes guided tour – we will visit the old town, settlement around the castle and all 5 courtyards. (staré město, podhradí, nádvoří)

Tip: if you would like to feel another atmosphere in this town, we can arrange the guided tour early in the morning or in the evening and then you can enjoy some mysterious legends of this town!

Price list:

  • 90 - 120 minutes EUR 60,-

Guided tour of České Budějovice (walking tour)

České Budějovice, the capital of Soufh Bohemia,  is the centre of the business and culture. It is also the seat of the University of South Bohemia.  This is the present day.  But what about the history of the town?

České Budějovice, once the rich royal town, was founded in 1265 at the confluence of two rivers. 

When you visit the historical centre nowadays, you can still feel the ever-present magical atmosphere of this town.

We will spent about 90 minutes with the guided tour of České Budějovice. During this time you will see many lovely places like the so called „Black Tower“, St.Nicholas cathedral, former Dominican cloister, Samson Fountain and others. 

You can enjoy here not only the world-famous beer, but also stories about fire and water or stories about courage and power of local people. Because there are so many stories written in the stones of the houses!

„Everybody wants to live in České Budějovice.“ – this is a widely known sentence of a popular czech play. Come here and make sure that these words are true.

If you would like to visit the former Dominican cloister from inside, the additional entrance fee is to be paid.

Price list:

  • 90 - 120 minutes EUR 60,-



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